Connecting data

Faster insight

Explore relations between data sources and get a full insight of your data in a blink of an eye.

Faster understanding

Instantly realize the meaning of your data and their relations to make better decisions.

Faster implementation

Use the gathered knowledge to rapidly implment or test your software.

How It Works

Watch the 3 min video to get an impression of Datanect's features


Browse entities using the tablebrowser is very easy. Just navigate the references and the connected entities will be loaded.

Use the treebrowser to explore hierachical data. E.g. child – parent relationships.

Use the browseroverview to get an overall perspective of the connected data.

Select an entity in any browser and the selection will be propagated to all other open browsers depending on the specified references. E.g. the foreigh keys of an RDBMS.

Create new references between entities while you are browsing and use them afterwards to connect the data.

You can add attributes that are derived from other attributes to increase your analysis options. E.g. using SQL functions or even subselects.

Derived attributes can also be used as source or target attributes in user-defined references.

Browse data that is distributed between different entity repositories by just creating instant references between the entity classes.

Export entities into the most used formats like DBUnit XML and Flat-XML, SQL Scripts or Excel Files.

Build better business software a lot quicker with Datanect

Get into the data core of a new software system faster. Understand integration test results or write integration tests more easy to make your software more robust.


You can benefit from datanect if you are a software developer or tester, because it supports you with a quick data overview. This will help you to easily write test assertions or validate their trueness. Our measurements show an average increase in productivity of about 70%.


Integration & Acceptance Tests
Data analysis

René Link

Developer of Datanect

The story of Datanect

Hi, my name is René Link and I'm the inventor and developer of Datanect.


As an independent sofwate developer I'm usually confronted with two main issues.


First, I have to undestand a new database very quickly.
Second, I have to verify that data is properly connected after I implemented a feature
Third, I have to write good tests to deliver stable and reliable software.


Therefore I need a way to easily analyse data and extract them for integration testing purposes or for domain expert reviews.


Datanect is my answer to a software developer's needs. I started the implementation at the end of 2016 and today Datanect is mature enought to help you too. Datanect is a tool from a software developer for software developers and testers. I believe that Datanect will ease your work days and save you time.


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