Connecting data

Faster insight

Explore relations between data sources and get a full insight of your data in a blink of an eye.

Faster understanding

Instantly realize the meaning of your data and their relations to make better decisions.

Faster implementation

Use the gathered knowledge to rapidly implment or test your software.

How It Works

Are you tired of typing a lot of long sql statements to get information out of your data - you should use Datanect.

Inter-repository browsing

Browse distributed data

Inter-repository browsing allows you to connect data from
different data sources and is a very helpful feature in
microservice architectures.

Build better business software a lot quicker with Datanect

Get into the data core of a new software system faster. Understand integration test results or write integration tests much more easier to make your software more robust.


You can benefit from datanect if you are a software developer or tester, because it supports you with a quick data overview. This will help you to easily write test assertions or validate their trueness. Our measurements show an average performance boost of about 70%.


Integration & Acceptance Tests
Data analysis


Keep up to date

Pricing Options

Try before you buy - we offer you a free 30 days full trial

Free trial
Try before you buy
30 days
1 Full trial license
1 Activation
30 days valid
Free updates
Free Trial
Basic solution
1 year
1 License
1 Activation
30 days activation period
Free updates
More flexible
1 year
1 Licenses
2 Activations (e.g. desktop and laptop)
30 days activation period
Free updates

Try Before You Buy

The Datanect software product is available for purchase on the Datanect web site. All the software products are available for download and are fully functional.
We provide a 30-day free trial period to let you fully evaluate the software product to ensure it meets your needs prior to making a purchase decision.
During your trial period, our support staff are available to assist in installation and configuration via email.
We strongly recommend that all customers download, install, and test the trial version of Datanect prior to making a purchase.

Refunds Policy Post Purchase

After a cleared payment on the purchase of Datanect occurs, you will receive an email with the license file required to unlock the Datanect software.
Once this information is emailed to you, no refund will be given. This policy is in place since it would be impossible for you to return your registered version of our software.
We cannot issue a refund for any Datanect product under any circumstances given its licensing model.
Please take advantage of the 30-day trial before you complete your purchase.

Refund Under Extenuating Circumstances

In rare instances and only within 30 days of purchase, if due to technical difficulties or platform incompatibilities the software will not function, we may, at our discretion,
issue a refund minus our order processing and banking fees (up to 25% of the purchase price). In such instances, we require that you provide enough information for us to positively
identify your purchase transaction (e.g., order number, your company name, date of transaction, purchase code, number of licenses purchased, etc.).
If we are able to positively identify your order, and if your request is made within 30 days of purchase, you must submit to us a letter of destruction of the software before we
will process the refund. Datanect is not responsible for lost, delayed, or misdirected mail or email, delays for downloading, or other communication system delays.

Acceptance of this Policy

It is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with this refund policy. By placing an order for any of our products, you indicate that you have read this refund policy and
that you agree with and fully accept the terms of this refund policy. If you do not agree with or fully accept the terms of this refund policy, we ask that you do not place
an order with us. Please contact us should you have any questions regarding our refund policy.

One license…

  • … is registered to a person or company.
  • … may only be used by the person or company for which it is registered. In the case of a company, it can be used by anyone on an activated computer.
  • … may only be activated on computers that belong to the person or company for which it is registered.
  • … can be activated on multiple computers depending on which one you buy.

An activation…

  • … belongs to a license.
  • … binds a license to a computer – it’s hardware – where it is used.
  • … must be done within the activation period. If it is not done within the activation period the license can not be used until it is activated.

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